Kunkel Großküchemontage

Olaf Kunkel
Company owner Olaf Kunkel

Since 1992 we've been installing canteen kitchens by every renowned manufacturer, and did so even in challenging settings. "There is no impossible challenge" is our attitude towards technical challenges or unusual installation settings. Currently our team consists of the owner of the company, Mr. Kunkel, and three employees.

We work on a project basis installing canteen kitchens, but also as service technicians and customer service technicians in the name of brand manufacturers. And we do so all over Europe.

Our specialty are welding jobs, especially so if they are considered impossible. Installation of stove systems is another strength. We spend a lot of thought and effort improving the tedious and often dangerous process with our StoveLifter, or how a quality installation can be accomplished in spite of defying architectural features on a building site. For this we developed the CNS Socle. As an invoative installation company unsolved problems inspire us to find creative and effective solutions. To think ahead.

welding job: before and after
Welding jobs are our specialty: before and after

We bring a lot of know-how to the installation of counters, from materials ranging from stone to wood or metal. In our assembly van we have stocked the common cover blinds from 10 to 65 mm. And, if needed, we can transport material.

We work exclusively for manufacturers and dealers.