Der CNS Socle

The new system for solid and hygenic canteen kitchen installation

The CNS Socle

Stable socle offers a precicely fitting solution that guarantees

  • nivellation of height difference up to 70 mm for both solid-built and hollow socles
  • shorther installation periods and thus lower installation cost
  • lasting hygenic environment
  • no more broken tiles around the socle




The CNS Socle - the steady system!

Poorly fixed stove socle


Canteen kitchen installation on lopsided socles cause

  • longer installtion times because of improvised makeshift solutions
  • unhygenic silicon seams
  • broken tiles

Say goodbye to lopsided socles!


Your benefit:


Larger revenue because of

  • more caculable installation time
  • lesser material needed
  • lesser silicon

Higher customer statisfaction through

  • more precice and
  • hygenic installations


The Socle

  • is available immediately
  • and will be installed through us, if you wish
  • because of an included installation instruction you can install it yourself
  • is calculated by the meter
CNS socle