Stove installations of the past...

slave work

...stove installations of the 21st century!

stove installalation with the StoveLifter

Ergonomic and cost-saving

StoveLifter during installation
Precision work done with the StoveLifter

The StoveLifter was conceived with idea that it should be possilbe to install a stove of any size with only two mechanics. The goal was not only to abolish extremly strenous work, but to make the installation process safer and more precise. It makes the installation easier to plan and avoids loss of time because of injured workers.

Your benefits:

  • cost-saving
  • ergonomic working environment
  • largely reduced risk of injuries
  • planable installation situations
  • very precicise installation

Technical data

disassembled StoveLifter
Disassembled StoveLifter for easy transport

The StoveLifer can be disassembled and easily transported with a small van (weight: 700 kg). Time for assembly is about one hour, time for disassembly 20 minutes. The total time for installation of stove systems including assembly and dissassembly of the StoveLifter equals the amount of time need for conventional installations via muscle power. The StoveLifter is movable, thus allowing for easy adjustment. Ideal for socle renovation.

The StoveLifter works with any model of stove up to 1,80 m wide and 8 m long and weights up to 2.000 kg.




Ergonomic and cost-saving installation with the StoveLifter